Vacuous Suggesting absence of thought or intellect.
Vagabond Persons who travels from place to place and does not have a home or much money
Vagary Unexpected and inexplicable changes in a situation or in someone’s behaviour
Vagrant Persons who have no place to live and no job and who ask people for money
Vague Not clear in meaning : stated in a way that is general and not specific
Valediction Statement or address made at or as a farewell
Valedictory A farewell – an occasion of leave – taking.
Valetudinarian One who always thinks himself to be ill
Valiant Having or showing courage : very brave or courageous
Valid Acceptable according to the law, fair or reasonable
Validate Making (something) valid : to state or show that something is legal
Valour Courage or bravery
Vamp Women who use their sexual charm to make men do what they wants
Vampire Dead persons who leave the grave at night to bite and suck the blood of living people
Vandal Person who willingly or ignorantly destroys something beautiful.
Persons who deliberately destroy or damage property : a person who vandalizes something
One who damages public property
Vandalism Wanton destruction of beautiful things.
The willful destruction of o damage to public or private property
Vanguard Groups of people who are the leaders of an action or movement in society, politics, art,
Vanish Disappear from sight.
Vanity Too much pride in one’s 6wn appearance, abilities or achievements
Vantage Positions from which something is viewed or considered
Vapid Not lively or interesting : dull or boring
Variegated Including many different things : full of variety
Vaticide Killing or killer of a prophet
Vector Direction or Couse followed by an airplane, or a missile.
Veer Changing direction quickly or suddenly
Vegetarian One who lives on vegetables.
Vegetivorous eating vegetables
Vehement Showing strong and often angry feelings
Venal Willing to do dishonest things in return for money
Vendetta Blood feud in which the relatives of the dead or injured take revenge.
Very long and violent fights between two families or groups
Vendor Persons who sell things especially on the street
Veneer Thin layers of finely grained wood over another surface
Venerable Old and respected: valued and respected because of old age, long use, etc.
Venereology study of venereal disease
Vengeance An act of punishing or harming somebody in return for what they have done to you, your family or friends
Ventral Stupid person – Blockhead – Dull.
Ventriloquist One who can throw his voice
Venture New activities, projects, business, etc., that typically involve risk
Venue Place fixed for a match or contest.
Verbatism Exactly in the same words.
Word for word
Word for word reproduction.
Verbicide Destroying the meaning of a word
Verbomania craze for words
Verbose Wordly.
Verdict Judgement of a law court.
Verisimilitude The quality of seeming real
Verity Something that is regarded as true
Vermeology study of worms
Vermicide Killing of worms
Verminophobia The fear of germs
Vermivorous eating worms
Vernacular Language of ordinary speeches rather than formal writing
Vernicle cloth with image of Christ’s face impressed upon it
Versatile One who possesses many talents.
Able to do many different things
Capable of doing various types of task.
Verse A writing in which words are arranged in a rhythmic pattern
Versicle short verse in Church service normally followed by response
Version Translation from one language to another.
Verso Any left hand page of a book.
Vescometer Instrument used to measure viscosity.
Vespacide substance or person who kills wasps
Vespers prayer service held in early evening
Vesturer keeper of vestments
Veteran One with long experience.
One who has a long service or experience in any department or society.
Veto Power of beauty or romance.
Vexillology study of flags
Viable That can live without outside help.
The last of a series
Capable of living without outside help.
Vibe Feelings that someone or something gives you
Vicarious Experienced or felt by watching, hearing about, or reading about someone else rather than by doing something yourself
Vice Bad or immoral behaviour or habits
Vice versa Used to say the opposite of what one has just said is also true
Vicinity An area around or near a particular place
Vicissitude Many changes or problems that happen over time
Victimology study of victims
Vigil Periods of time when people stay awake, especially at night, in order to watch a sick , person, say prayers, protest, etc.
Vignette Short written description
Vigour Strength, energy, or determination
Vilify Saying or writing very harsh and critical things about (someone or something)
Vincible /Conquerable Capable of being conquered
That can be conquered.
Vindicate Showing that (someone or something that has been criticized or doubted) is correct, true, or reasonable
Having or showing a desire for revenge.
Having or showing a desire to hurt someone who has hurt or caused problems for you
Vinology scientific study of vines and winemaking
Vintage The time that something of quality was produced
Violate Break an agreement, law or promise.
Violence Behaviour meant to hurt or kill people.
Virago An ill- tempered scolding woman.
An angry woman who often complains about and criticizes other people
Virgin Girl or woman who has not experienced sexual union.
Persons who do not have experience in a particular activity, job, etc.
Virginity A state of complete continue on the part of a women.
Viricide killing of viruses; killing of men or of husbands
Virile Strong and full of energy, especially sexual energy
Virology Study of viruses.
Virtual Very close to being something without actually being it
Virtue Morally good behavior or character
Virtuoso Persons who do something in a very skillful way
Virucide killing of viruses
Virulent Highly poisonous.
Full of hate or anger, extremely or excessively harsh or strong
Vis-a-vis As compared with; as opposed to
Visible That can be seen.
Capable of being seen.
Vista Large and beautiful view of an area of land or water
Vitality Lively or energetic quality
Vitrics glassy materials;glassware; study of glassware
Vitriolic Harsh and angry words
Vituperate Blaming or insulting (someone) in strong or violent language
Vivacious Happy and lively in a way that is attractive
Vivid Seeming like real life because it is very clear, bright, or detailed, very bright in color
Viviparous Bearing living young.orProducing living young from the body instead from eggs.
Viviparous Bearing living young.
Vixen An angry and unpleasant woman, sexually attractive woman
Vociferous Expressing feelings or opinions in a very loud or forceful way
Vogue Prevailing fashion or style at a particular time
Void Not valid or legally binding
Volatile That easily changes into gas or vapour.
Likely to change in a very sudden or extreme way: likely to become dangerous or out of control
Volcanology study of volcanoes
Volte-face Complete change in something.
Complete change of attitude or opinion
Voluntary Done or given because one wants to and not because one is forced to
Volunteer One who works for free
Voluptuary One who gives himself up to luxury and sensual pleasure.
Voluptuous Attractive in a sexual way with large breasts and hips
Voucher Document that gives evidence of an expenditure.
Vox populi Opinions or beliefs of the majority
Voyage Long journeys to a distant or unknown place especially over water or through outer space
Journey by water or sea.
Voyeur Persons who like seeing and talking or writing about something that is considered to be private
Vulgar Not having or showing good manners, good taste, or politeness
Vulnerable Easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally : open to attack, harm, or damage
Capable of being wounded.
That which can be easily damaged or hurt.
That which can be wounded or penetrated.
Vulpicide killing of a fox
Vulpine That which is foxlike.

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